Each year, I had to come up with the theme for the annual fundraiser at OneAmerica. It had to remain consistent with the brand, express the organization’s accomplishments, inspire people to attend, and above all, donate. The theme informed everything: invitations and print materials, web and social promotion, program activities—the feel of the event.

This particular year, the founder was leaving the organization. I began to play with the idea of movement and sketched out ideas exploring this concept.

Arrivals and departures are at the heart of migration—they seemed a natural fit for an immigration organization. I mapped this idea on to other concepts: social movements, music. These concepts helped us identify the best people from the organization’s history who could speak to its impact.

The biggest hurdle was often Executive Director approval in coming up with the design. Given this was to be her final event with the organization, the stakes were particularly high. I knew this approach would appeal to her as a writer: defining all the ways that MOVEMENT embodied the work. Including her in an iconic image was also strategic: she’s not alone, anointed, but part of a group. The presence of one of our closest partners in that image (UFCW), also one of our biggest sponsors, was a bonus.