Hand Drawn Animation

Illustrated and animated in Procreate for Delridge Neighborhood Development Association's "Crossroads" campaign.

Part of a public art piece during the first weeks of lockdown in Spring 2019. Created in Animatic.

This animation is meant to accompany a social media campaign directed at teaching artists. It incorporates the colors and font of the brand, and was timed to coincide with the season.🍂

Made this after reading this article in The Guardian. Made in Photoshop.

Excerpt from a 12-second piece on collective action and justice. Made in Photoshop.

Drawing and animating on top of photos to add layers of meaning to still images.

Auto-tune fun and ukulele strumming! My contribution as a former employee, celebrating the organization’s 15 Year Anniversary. 6-seconds to post on Vine for some sweet looping action.

An excerpt from a 15-second piece about riding around the country on buses for immigrant rights. Made in Photoshop.

Made in Photoshop for LoopdeLoop’s theme of Sisters: http://www.loopdeloop.org/december-january-2016-theme-sisters/

Magic always has a cost. Just some silliness I made in Photoshop to express how said I was to miss Blendfest, a big motion conference in Vancouver, BC. Reduced quality gif to make this page load faster.

Rotoscoped footage I shot in Kolkata. Looped 3 times. Made in Photoshop.

Rotoscoped footage I shot in Darjeeling. Looped 3 times since it’s so short. Made in Photoshop.

The theme was watermelons. Watch the 10-second animation. Made in Photoshop.


More hand drawn animation on my Instagram and Tumblr.


Animation, 2D Animation, Frame by Frame Animation


Photoshop, After Effects, Procreate