Motion Graphics

Part of a lightweight social campaign to commemorate Spacefinder Seattle's birthday, which coincides with Valentine's Day.

Made entirely in After Effects.

This animation is meant to accompany a social media campaign directed at teaching artists. I toyed briefly with the idea of adding Zelda music, or some other chip tunes, for the full effect. But decided to avoid copyright traps. Saved at a lower quality for faster loading.

Created entirely in After Effects.

A tribute for Marsha Botzer, a local trans activist, that I made for The National LGBTQ Task Force. I used a constructivist look because Marsha collects old posters in this style. High quality version here:

Made in Photoshop and After Effects. Photo by Nate Gowdy.

Made for a nonprofit's annual fundraiser. Process posts coming soon in my Log. Quality reduced for faster page loading. Full quality version here.

Made in Photoshop and After Effects.

A simple, clean logo animation to match the brand of Letters for Black Lives.

Made in After Effects.

An assignment to make the tech-y design of the targeting reticle feel mechanical, cold and precise. I was given all design assets.

Made in After Effects.

A collaboration with 4 other motion designers. We all had to design one frame and pass it on to the next person. This would be the first frame we animated from. We then had to end using our own design as the final frame. My frame starts off the piece, and I’m the final animator.

An assignment to make a quirky, stop-motion intro for a fictional TV show. I was given all design assets, boards and an audio bed—I just needed to make it look handmade.

Made in After Effects.

An assignment to make the logo bouncy, springy and fun for a fictional company. All design assets, including the rig to make the cubes, were given to me.

Made in After Effects.


Motion Graphics, Motion, Animation


After Effects, Photoshop, Motion 5, Keynote