Graphic Design

Report for the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture (pdf).

Logo for Batflip Crazy.

I was handed a 3-page text document and asked to design a visualization for this national advocacy campaign.

We co-hosted this event with Rights Working Group. They had the final say on design.

The green bars are meant to evoke law books and also contain an equal sign. This echoes the statewide group working on marriage equality issues.

Research at the time showed that people are more likely to pay attention to mailers when they look bland and “official”. I designed this Get Out The Vote mailer in 7 languages. 6 versions were sent out leading up to the big day.

Program cover for the annual fundraising event.

Interior of a program for a fundraiser. Read about my design process.

Program for an event observing the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.

Past conference materials looked drab. I wanted it to look like an album cover, showing the diversity of immigrants. Attendees took multiple copies and we ran out!


Flyers, posters, reports, logos, electronic assets