Work in progress, 3 of 3 (FINAL) – I stepped back to think about what hope feels like, how it was central to OneAmerica’s origins and the way it’s coded into the organization’s DNA.

Hope is the space inside your chest that expands, that causes you to look up, forward. Hope is the sun. Hope is light, buoyancy, bated breath. Hope is a breeze that keeps the fire burning. Hope is life, a legacy passed on. It catches and spreads.

There’s fire, passion, inside the seeds. As they rain down, I avoided using distinctive people: the arms of the stem are organic. Their natural shape is open to catching hope.

Remember, this is a 10-second animation that loops after the founder, Pramila, is introduced and as she makes her way to the podium. In my tests where the story starts with tragedy, the results didn’t feel right. It created a dissonance with Pramila’s presence on stage: a heavy, dark feeling that took over the moment, even if it resolved into hope.

Brightness, color, room for all, the embrace of the seed/ember by the stems at the end felt more in line with who Pramila is and what the founding of OneAmerica represents.

The loop still retains that sense of this work being cyclical: hope and passion for justice reborn, an embrace that welcomes everybody.

And, this was for a fundraiser after all. Donors want to feel happy and positive about giving. Removing the presence of tragedy and hate isn’t dishonest. It’s just a matter of focus: emphasizing the positive truths of OneAmerica’s work. Maintaining this focus—raising money and creating good will—is essential to a successful event.

I animated a separate title that used OneAmerica’s campaign tagline, “15 Years of Justice for All,” but didn’t add it to the animation, as they requested. 10 seconds isn’t long enough to register the text and tell their origin story. Also, it breaks the rhythm of the loop.

The title could be used as an interstitial instead; played during transitions or to add flavor for short periods during down time: while guests ate, etc. As gifs, both pieces can also be used in email, social media and webpages for their year-long campaign.

I liked having a chance to add some playfulness with the logo.🐝